⚡ Quick Fill & Photo Timestamps
In v.1.0.77 of the mobile app, we've introduced Quick Fills for faster data entry. And we can now overlay timestamps on your photographs.
Quick Fill
This feature – available on templates that have been specially configured – allows you to complete multiple fields rapidly on a form. And it's a great way to ensure consistent data entry across your team.
Timestamps on Photos
In v1.0.77, we now capture the date and time you add photos to inspection records. So we can overlay this information on top of photographs on your reports.
Displaying timestamps on photos is helpful if you want to understand the sequence of events or confirm when surveyors inspected items. It also helps you comply with industry standards, such as asbestos four-stage clearances, where the HSE stipulates that you must show this information on photographs.
New template available > Fire Door Inspections
🔥 Upcoming legal requirement for fire doors
Did you know that in just a few months, new legislation in the UK around Fire Door Inspections comes into effect?
January 23rd, 2023 is a significant date in the world of fire doors – on this date, quarterly inspections of all fire doors in the common parts of buildings over 11 metres in height becomes a legal requirement.
Under the new Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, Responsible Persons are legally required to:
  • Undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors (including self-closing devices) in the common parts.
  • Undertake annual checks of all flat entrance doors (including self-closing devices) that lead onto a building’s common parts.
📄 New Fire Door Inspection template
We've created a new template that follows standard inspection practices for anyone who currently does fire door inspections.
🔓 Want access?
If you want access to this template, please raise a support ticket, and we'll add it to your account. The template is still being battle tested, so we'd really appreciate any feedback you have so we can tweak and improve it.
🙏 Special thanks
A special thanks to Summit Environmental, Bellspire, and Lincs Property Services for helping us create this new template, we couldn't have done it without you guys!
Enjoy the new template :)
Create PDF Reports on the Mobile App
📱 v1.0.76 of the mobile app lets you Preview, Create, and Share PDF reports directly from your mobile phone or tablet
Until now, it was only possible to generate PDF reports from the dashboard. Now – assuming you don't need further information to complete the report – you can issue inspection reports on-site.
This is a long-awaited feature that many of you have voted on. And I'm sure a few people punched the air in joy when they spotted the new
View Report
button, especially long-term users, you members of the "old guard" 💂‍♂️ – I know I did an excited little dance.
Being able to issue reports on-site will make you well-loved by contractors in a hurry to start construction, removal, or demolition works.
Heads-up! We're having some search issues
EDIT: We're back online! Let us know if you have any issues with Job search.
Our search provider (Algolia) is having some issues, we're working with them to roll out a fix.
Firstly, don't worry about lost data - everything is saving correctly in our database!
That said, the Dashboard Jobs screen isn't showing the most up-to-date information. So new jobs might not show, and updates to jobs won't be reflected in this view.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll let you know when this has been addressed.
Become a Flow Wizard!
Want to become a Flow wizard?
Not the pipe weed smoking type – I'm talking about having the ability to conjure up mad data collection and reporting skills.
Unfortunately, there's no spell to become a master of Flow Mobile Surveying. You'll have to do some old-fashioned reading (and watch a healthy dose of Youtube tutorials).
So whack on your reading glasses and get ready for some learning 🤓. Head over to the Knowledge Base - where we'll teach you how to master Flow's shortcuts, features, and best practices.
💡 With over 150 detailed articles and videos, there's something for everyone to learn, whether you're a wisened old Flow veteran or a total newbie.
How to access the knowledge base:
The fastest way to access the knowledge base is from the Dashboard.
  1. Click on the menu icon (
    three dots
    ) from the Dashboard header.
  2. Select
    Knowledge base
Alternatively, head over to
You'll learn how to:
I hope you enjoy this resource and if there's anything more you want me to teach, drop me a message at
Massive Awesome Tables Are Here!
The Dashboard can now handle hundreds-of-thousands of entries with our new spreadsheet-like view. A must for bigger reports.
Or take a peek at Mastering Tables on the Knowledge Base to learn more.
Massive Awesome Tables
v1.0.72 - Improved Media Manager
is coming soon with a new media manager.
It's more reliable, uses less power and keeps your device free of clutter.
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Create Unscheduled Jobs
We've updated the dashboard to make managing jobs easier.
You can now create
unscheduled jobs
when you don't know when the site work will begin.
v1.0.71 - Better Support With Improved Error Logs
is a boring, but useful update.
Hop over to the blog to find out why Improved Error Logging Mean We Can Support You Better.
v1.0.70 - Preventing duplicate images or deleted data.
of the mobile app helps you collect even cleaner data!
Watch the video on our blog article for more details, v1.0.70 - Preventing duplicate images or deleted data.
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